ICONASIA, We Bridge Asia!

Our Mission:

To become a value-added partner to our customers by ...

* Creating a continuous learning and growing Enterprise
* Developing Trust and Networking
* Owning a Strategical Supplier Base
* Knowing Customers' needs thru their eyes

Anticipate and Respond Speedily will be our guiding motto !
Disciplined Execution is our forte' !

Core Competency . . .
ICONASIA is primarily engaged in 2 core activities:

  • Support Global companies
    a. Procurement of quality products/components & sub- assemblies from China and India
    b. Technical Know-how Liaison/JV from Japan

  • Expand SME's Value
    Transfer Japan SME's (Small Manufacturing Enterprises) to China/India to greater utilization of
    their know-how in supporting the growth of these countries.